About ME


Photography started as a hobby for me in my early teens when my parents bought me my first camera. I was all about trying to find the best way for people to see what I was seeing. My creative mind and sensitive soul has always wanted to stop time for a moment to capture any and all emotions. I truly want to create a space where you feel safe and welcome to be completely and totally yourself. I'm not big on perfectly posed photos, or even perfectly composed framing... for me, it's more about evoking a feeling and telling your story no matter how the photo is taken. 

I have a fierce passion for capturing emotion in a way that moves people. 


When I'm not capturing your milestones, I'm hiking, working out, cuddling my fur babies, or dreaming of my next adventure.

Mt.Baker-Snoqualmie NF
Silver Falls SP
White Aspen Camp

Salon Ish
The Brick
Mt. Rainier NP

Deep Lake
Wolf Heart Fit Co
Charlie's Cafe

My favorite places to visit in THE PNW